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Calm in Clinic

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These sessions are aimed to improve your pet's relationship with Kingston Vet Clinic.
Located at 32 Lower Dandenong Rd Mentone VIC.

During each visit, your pet will be exposed to calm-inducing, pheromones, receive treats and plenty of good experiences.
We can work on clinic activities such as weighing on the scales, having practice consults and even work on enjoying nail trims!
Multiple sessions are required to make this most effective.
The frequency and sessions required will depend on your individual pet and goals. We can make a plan together after the first session.
In the beginning, we will work on Sundays as the clinic is closed and it will be easier for your pet to adjust.
As your pet progresses we can schedule times during the clinic's opening hours.

Back to school chalkboard and drawings poster.jpg
  • 5 Calm in Clinic Sessions

    Suited for pets that can tolerate some parts of a Vet visit.
    Valid for 6 months
  • 11 Calm in Clinic Sessions

    Ideal for pets who usually become extremely stressed or need sedation to attend the Vet
    Valid for 6 months
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