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Back to school chalkboard and drawings poster.jpg

Leash Lessons

A short course available to all breeds of dog over 6 months old.

Lessons go for approximately 30-45 minutes each.

We understand that walking your dog can sometimes be a frustrating or embarrassing experience. We are here to help you and your dog become leash-walking pro’s in no time.

Our personalised lessons are tailored to meet your dog's specific needs and abilities.
Say goodbye to pulling, lunging, and unruly behavior during walks, and say hello to enjoyable and stress-free strolls with your well-behaved canine companion.

That's why we offer Leash Lessons to help you and your best friend get on the same page.

All lessons begin at
Kingston Vets 
32 Lower Dandenong Rd Mentone VIC 3194

Who can attend?

All household members are welcome to attend.

Perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to walk their dog safely and confidently. Safety is our top priority, so children must be supervised at all times.

What to expect of this class?

With personalised coaching and techniques tailored to your dog's needs, you'll see improvements in no time.

What do i need for class?

Mainly just yourself.

  • Your dog will need to be up to date with vaccines for their age

  • Dogs must be on collar and lead at all times

  • Your dog can wear a harness in addition to a collar if you wish, but not necessary 

  • Please bring the dry food portion of your dogs daily meal with you in a ziplock bag- we will use it during class

Public holidays & Unavailabilities

Occasionally, classes will need to run over a long weekend.

We understand that not all dogs are comfortable with socialising, which is why we do not encourage dog-to-dog interactions in this class. We aim to help reduce all kinds of reactive behaviors and your dogs need to greet everyone.

Our classes are mainly held outdoors and occasionally include group walks on nearby footpaths.

If you cannot attend a class, I would recommend a friend or family member bring your dog instead. If multiple people from the class are going to be away then we will discuss rescheduling as a group on or before the first lesson.  Usually, there isn't time for make-up lessons and unfortunately, no refunds can be applied as that place cannot be filled once classes have started.

Image by Erik Mclean
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