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Park play


Join us and our dogs, Moo & Laila, for a playful catch up.
Learn how to read your dog and know when they are comfortable with other dogs. 
All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations and healthy to attend.
Puppies can attend 1 week after their last puppy vaccination (min 15 weeks old).

There is no structure to these playgroups, information is given as asked.
Please note
Your dog is your responsibility.
Please pick up after your dog and be responsible for their actions.
We cannot be held liable for anything that your dog does. I am there to help coach you, but ultimately, your dog is your responsibility.
I recommend bringinging a lead, treats, a toy and you may want to consider a long lead if your dog does not have good recall yet.

Weather cancellations
Play time will proceed if there is light rain or warm weather however if it is extreme rain or heat (28+) will be cancelled you will be notified by email
If you have signed up and no longer can attend please send me a courtesy SMS or email and let me know. 

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