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Puppy PreSchool

A short course available to all breeds of puppies under 16 weeks old.

Lessons go for approximately 1.5-2 hours each, by the time we are finished questions and playtime. 

Your trainers will teach you;
What to expect from a puppy, 
How to think like a puppy and
How to teach your puppy how to be the best dog!

We design our courses to help you prepare for a lifetime of happiness with your new family member and focus on you having a well-adjusted family dog.

All Lessons located in the Reception area of
Kingston Vets
32 Lower Dandenong Rd
Mentone VIC 3194

  • This is a course of 4 sessions, for puppies born in Feb-March 2024 on...

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    Started Jun 10

    210 Australian dollars
  • This is a course of 4 sessions, for puppies born in March-April 2024 o...

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    Starts Jul 10

    210 Australian dollars

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When should I sign up?

ASAP!  You will benefit most from starting this course in the first few weeks of puppy ownership. If you haven't got your puppy yet for the first class, we would recommend you come without puppy and still get the useful knowledge. If your puppy is outside of the age bracket, please contact me or consider our Leash Lessons class​

Who can attend?

All household family members. Children must be able to remain seated and quiet with their adult guardian or parent. The course information is aimed at the adult owner of the dog.  We usually only have seating for one person per puppy, additional people will need to bring a chair, stand or be happy to sit on the clean floor.

What do we need for class?

​Your puppy will need to be up to date with vaccines for their age Puppies must be on collar and lead at all times Your pup can wear a harness in addition to a collar if you wish, but not necessary  If the class is around your pup's mealtime, please bring the dry food portion of that meal with you in a ziplock bag to class- we will use it as treats A light blanket or small mat for your pup to sit on in class

What will we learn?

In addition to learning the following tricks; Name, Sit, Wait, Down, Shake, Recall, Rollover & Beg. We will also teach practical skills for your life. Toilet training Sleeping at night Crate training Managing teething Dog behaviour & Body Language How puppies learn Setting routines and rules How to prevent fears, separation and social anxieties Effective socialisation Basic grooming needs Exercise and enrichment Dental care Human foods poisonous to pets And much more..

Class A or B?

​When we have capacity to run multiple classes, they will be split into A & B.  Both classes A & B cover the same content, however, classes are grouped by birth month- a few weeks can make a big difference to their behaviour and developmental stage. If your puppy is in the age to join with class A or B, consider class A if your puppy is more conservative, and class B if your puppy is more exuberant.

Public Holidays and Unavailabilities

If you cannot attend a class, please let us know- usually, I would recommend a friend or family member bring your puppy instead. If multiple people from the class are going to be away then we will discuss rescheduling as a group on or before the first lesson.  Usually, there isn't time for make-up lessons and unfortunately, no refunds can be applied as that place cannot be filled once classes have started.

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