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Who we are & why we are here...


Registered Veterinary Nurse 7+ years

Certified Stress Free Veterinary Professional
Registered and training with the NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia)
Studied 2022 Behavioural Medicine taught by Dr Kersti Seksel, Dr Debbie Calnon,
Dr Jacqui Ley, Dr Sally Nixon, and Dr Isabelle Resch.

Jade Tutors: Puppy Preschool, Leash Lessons, Behaviour Consultations & Calm in Clinic


Not long into my time at Kingston Vets, I took over running the Puppy School and have loved every minute of it. I really enjoy being able to be a familiar face for your pet when they are sick and to be able to watch them grow up.

Since starting Puppy School, I have had a particular interest in animal behaviour and training. I love to educate owners on how to understand their pets and truly have the best relationship together. I pride myself on being knowledgeable in multiple training methods, this allows me to then tailor a training plan for each pet and its owner.

Since 2021 I have been doing behaviour consultations, on Zoom, in-home and at Kingston Vet.
I've had great success teaching dogs to enjoy Vet visits and love seeing how rewarding it is for everyone.

I cannot prescribe medication, but can help monitor if the medication is working, give appropriate training methods with medication use and I can refer you when to speak with a Veterinarian.  



Partner of Jade

Volunteer at Bali Dogs

Dan Tutors: Puppy Preschool & Leash Lessons.

Since 2016, I have been a volunteer at Act 4 Bali Dogs. My responsibilities involve bringing supplies and donations, as well as caring for the dogs.
In addition to my work with Act 4 Bali Dogs, I have also been involved in organizing adoption events and fundraisers to support the cause. The community's response has been overwhelming, with many people stepping forward to provide forever homes for these deserving animals. It is incredible to witness the impact that each individual can make in the lives of these dogs.

I joined Jade in teaching puppy Preschool in 2023.
Witnessing the growth of the puppies each week and observing the newfound confidence of first-time puppy owners is truly fulfilling. During our visits to local parks, we often encounter our former puppies, now fully grown. It is heartwarming to see those familiar faces thriving.

Through my experiences, I have learned that compassion and dedication can truly make a difference. Every small effort counts in creating a better world for our furry friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful cause and look forward to continuing my work in advocating for the well-being of all dogs.

Our family

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